Searching for Collectibles (401)

New Wood Propellers Closer to Originals

New wood propellers resembling pre-1940 originals have been in the market for some time. Until now, all the new pieces have been made from a single piece of solid wood. Original wood propellers were almost always laminated from many pieces and layers of wood, not one single solid piece.

Famous 50s Frogmen Resurface

Yes...glub, glub, glub....theyre back. The plastic frogmen and submarine included as premiums in 1950s cereal boxes are being reproduced.

New Comic Hero Flashlights

A new line of comic character toy flashlights imitates a highly collectible series of vintage originals. The new lights wholesale for less than one dollar each. Vintage lights with original boxes can sell for $250-$350.

New Halloween Items

Every Halloween brings more reproductions of vintage pieces and 2003 was no exception. Some of the more inventive pieces include cardboard wall pockets and hand-knitted treat bags. Modern designers are also turning to different vintage sources for their designs. The pumpkin and goat figure in Fig. 2, for example, was copied from an image originally printed on an early postcard. The printed image was copied to produce this three-dimensional figure.

More Repro Brass Instruments

New brass instruments continue to improve. This latest piece, a copy of a 19th century folding compass, has an engraved chart screwed on the back and is marked Stanley, London in two places(arrows). New instruments, including sextants, telescopes, levels and other pieces, marked with names of authentic 19th century makers have been reproduced since about 1998. Look for crude grinding marks and small plastic parts.

Embossed star country boxes

There is a lot of new metal with a country look coming in from India. This set of round metal boxes with embossed star is typical. Most pieces are thin lightweight steel painted a dull brown to simulate an aged patina.

Lithographed Board Games in Victorian Style

An American importer is now offering a series of Spanish-made games very similar in appearance to board games made during the Victorian era, ca. 1840-1900. The games are constructed of wood and paper with most pieces ornamented with multicolored lithographs. Most games include many small pieces such as wooden markers, chips, tokens and board pieces. A variety of games are offered ranging in price from $29-$45 retail. Boxes for all the games have large colorful lithographs.

Fakes flood museum with calls

Eric Reinert, Curator of Andersonville National Historic Site, recently contacted ACRN about a steady increase of faked Confederate States of America (CSA) and Anderson Prison memorabilia.

Brass Candy Box Dated 1914

Here's yet another example of mass produced products with intentionally confusing markings. Not once but twice does the date 1914 appear on the lid of this brass candy box: very large in the center and has Christmas 1914 at the bottom. Around the border, appear the name of Russia, France, Japan, Serbia, Belgium, and Monte Negro. The mark on the bottom Royal Sheffield would suggest it was made in England.

Whistle, Bells and Mother of Pearl

Here's another copy of a Victorian crib toy. This model has a nursery rhyme-type figural on the top with bells on his feet; his pointed cap is a whistle.