Searching for Collectibles (401)

More Repro Brass Instruments

New brass instruments continue to improve. This latest piece, a copy of a 19th century folding compass, has an engraved chart screwed on the back and is marked Stanley, London in two places(arrows). New instruments, including sextants, telescopes, levels and other pieces, marked with names of authentic 19th century makers have been reproduced since about 1998. Look for crude grinding marks and small plastic parts.

Muscle Cars of 1960s and 70s Have Been Faked

Buyers of high performance cars made during the 1960s, 70 be warned. Hundreds of victims are discovering they have been victims of elaborate scams.

New Comic Hero Flashlights

A new line of comic character toy flashlights imitates a highly collectible series of vintage originals. The new lights wholesale for less than one dollar each. Vintage lights with original boxes can sell for $250-$350.

Famous 50s Frogmen Resurface

Yes...glub, glub, glub....theyre back. The plastic frogmen and submarine included as premiums in 1950s cereal boxes are being reproduced.

New Wood Propellers Closer to Originals

New wood propellers resembling pre-1940 originals have been in the market for some time. Until now, all the new pieces have been made from a single piece of solid wood. Original wood propellers were almost always laminated from many pieces and layers of wood, not one single solid piece.

Black Figure Kitchen Items Reproduced

Plastic kitchen figures originally used by Aunt Jemima pancake mix as sales premiums have been reproduced in ceramic forms. The original plastic syrup was introduced in 1949; the other original pieces followed in the early 1950s. Originals were made throughout the 1950s until the early to mid-1960s.

Cast Iron Cowboy Andirons

The southwest and cowboy decorating craze has apparently inspired these new cast iron cowboy andirons. Height 19, 12 wide and 19 front to back. Made in the United States by a New England blacksmith shop.

Cast Iron Coca-Cola Waiter

This 8 painted cast iron figure is sold as either a trinket holder or doorstop. In either case, no old original like it was ever made. The Coca-Cola script logo appears on the tray held in the figures hands.

Rare Atomic Robot Man Copied Including Box

One of the very earliest and rarest toy robots ever produced, Atomic Robot ManARM, is now available as a reproduction. Originals can sell for 5001000 and more; the reproduction retails for 20.

Bronzes with Fake Tiffany Marks

Bronze figures and pieces with various Tiffany marks are routinely sold by antique reproduction wholesalers. These new pieces often sell for substantial prices. A new frog paperweight Fig. 16 marked Tiffany recently sold for 200 through an Internet auction site. It sold for 4.50 at a reproduction wholesalers warehouse.