Searching for Silver (38)

New Match Safes now being Marked Sterling

An increasing number of silver reproduction match safes are being marked sterling. For the average buyer, this recent change will make the detection of new matchsafes as well as other new silver more difficult.

Sterling Silver Matchsafes with Sporting Themes

Latest Reproductions Identified by New Hallmark - A batch of sterling silver match safes featuring sporting themes is available. The new safes first appeared in antiques markets and fairs in England. They have now been seen in American shows, malls, shops and many online auctions.

Figural Match Safes Reproduced

Several figural match safe reproductions have been causing confusion in shows and online auctions. All three known as Ally Sloper, banded Havana cigars, and Japanese dragon began appearing about the middle of 2004. All three new safes are copies of vintage originals.

Figural Napkin Rings Copied from Victorian Originals

Portland, Oregon silversmith James Mackie is making a series of new figural napkin rings nearly identical to Victorian era silver plated originals. This article will features Mackie's rings and provide some general background on original figural rings.

WW II Royal Air Force (RAF) Sterling Silver Pin

A mail order catalog specializing in "historic gifts of Great Britain" offers this new Royal Air Force in sterling silver. It is the so-called "sweetheart brooch" originally worn by wives and girlfriends of wartime airmen.

DAB sterling figural matchsafes

Since the 1970's, a number of modern sterling figural match safes have been made in England. At least 27 different new match safes are available including a Toby dog, 3 versions of Punch, claw and ball, an owl, moon face, mouse, bear, cat, fish, violin, horse, shoe, dog's head, elephant's head and rooster's head (see photos). All of the new figural safes are reportedly made from molds taken from Victorianera originals.

Match Safe Reproductions

More new match safes are appearing in the American market. Some are copied directly from old safes while others only imitate the look or style of the old. For the purposes of this article, the term "match safe" includes English vesta boxes.

Reproduction Victorian Era Sterling Silver - Jewelry to Novelties

A U.S. west coast jewelry and gift wholesaler recently introduced an extensive line of Victorian look-alike sterling silver items at a major summer gift show. This line is being promoted as "Antique Reproductions - where the past meets the present." There are about 60 individual items ranging from jewelry to novelties that have been copied from or made to resemble Victorian era originals such as chatelaines, sewing items, needle cases, tape measures and novelties.

Sterling Silver Matchsafe Copied - American Art Nouveau

The new sterling matchsafe on the left is shown with its Made in Thailand paper tag. It was copied from the American Art Nouveau original on the right.