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Mechanical Castor Frame Back in Production

The latest new pickle castor mechanical frame is a reproduction of a reproduction.

New plaster pieces have look of age

Over the last six months, weve seen wholesalers offering more and more Art Nouveau and Art Deco plaster sculptures. Previous castings of Nouveau and Deco styles have typically been in synthetic resins (plastics) and have been relatively easy to detect with a careful examination. The new plaster pieces are not so easy to spot. Our recent samples show new plaster to be of quite good detail and quality.

New Globe-Wernicke stack bookcase labels

New labels for Globe-Wernicke stacking bookcases are being sold in online auctions. The reproduction labels, which are direct copies of authentic originals, have been sold since at least April, 2002.

1939 Worlds Fair Airplane Lamp

In the last few months of 1993, a series of new Art Deco lamps was introduced featuring a chrome plated metal airplane on glass bases. One of the glass bases is a copy of a 1939 New York Worlds Fair commemorative bottle.

Early FisherPrice toy copied

Dr. Doodlea wooden duck on wheelswas the first toy offered by FisherPrice(FP) Toys ca.1933. A new Dr. Doodle nearly identical to the original was reproduced in 1995. It is being marketed as the first in a series "limited edition" toys which copy highly sought after FP originals.

Lamps from new tin toys

A Maryland artist is making lamps from reproduction tin toys. Although perfectly legitimate as decorators items, pieces like these almost always end up causing confusion in the collectibles market when they are resold a second and third time.

Furniture Trim:

by JJ (Jake) DuPre

The truth about Dazey churns

New Dazey churns have been bringing four figure prices across the United States. Of three new styles being made, the most troublesome has been a six-inch version which is being offered as a salesman sample.

Patriotic wood carvings

new imports from Indonesia copy American folk art forms and themes

WW II Homefront Inspires New Products

The recent demand for products in patriotic themes has lead a number of manufacturers to reproduce homefront designs popular in WW II.