WW II Homefront Inspires New ProductsBy

WW II Homefront Inspires New Products

The demand for products in patriotic themes has lead a number of manufacturers to reproduce homefront designs popular in WW II.

New products include jewelry, picture frames, satin pillow cases, dressing table items, kitchen ware, lunch boxes, prints, stationery tablewares. Many new lookalike products are likely to spill over into the secondary market.

No pre-1945 items will have zip codes; few phone numbers will include 10 numbers, flags will have only 48 stars. The great majority of vintage American homefront products were made in the USA, not China, Japan, Taiwan, India or Indonesia.


Fig. 1 Hand painted sailor in resin, 12½-inch.


Fig. 2 Pin case or pill box, 2-inch dia. Silver stars around red-white-blue flag.


Fig. 3 Multicolored coaster is one of four designs taken from war posters.