Searching for Collectibles (401)

Tiffany Belt Buckles

Brass belt buckles marked "Tiffany" first began appearing at antique shows, auctions and outdoor markets in the early to mid-1960's. Despite warnings from experts that such buckles were never seen before 1965 and did not appear in any reference books, buyers began paying up to $400 and more to own them.

CocaCola serving table

This 1930'ssomething looking serving table is made of painted wood. The figure is dressed like a soda jerk from the same period. Height, 32"; base 17" X 11".

Bottle cap art copied

One of the non-traditional materials used in American folk art is metal bottle caps. As interest in this field, or so-called "outsider art", has being growing, recently made items from new bottle caps are helping meet the demand.

Rare Vintage Images Reproduced as Postcards

New copies of vintage photo postcards are commonly represented as old. Many of the new cards are made in Connecticut with over 200 different subjects such as baseball stars, advertising, railroad scenes, autos, motorcycles and other vintage images. Cards are sepia tone (brown) images and are true photographs not halftone images made on a printing press.

Baseball Cards

When the general public used to bring us stuffed shoe boxes, we never knew what we'd find. Some times it was treasure from an attic gold mine; other times just vintage trash years overdue for the landfill. Now, nine out of ten times, those shoe boxes contain baseball cards. Between Ken Burn's Baseball series on the Public Broadcasting System(PBS) and well publicized auction prices, it seems everyone, including general line antiques dealers, have been infected with baseball card craziness.

Separating Traditional and Imported Quilts

Quiltmaking in America has traditionally been an individual craft or the work of a small group. The limited number of quilts produced this way were primarily for personal and family use. But today, copies of American quilts are being mass produced by hand in low-wage countries such as China, India and Haiti. Sold in catalogs, department stores and discount chains, new quilts are now drifting into the collector's market and being sold as old. This article will discuss some of the differences between quality traditional work and the imports.

Chinese grain scoop marked Nabisco

The flood of farm and country wood pieces from China has taken a new turn. Pieces are now being reworked to include well known national brand names.

Perfume rugs

Heres something different, new rugs with the names of commercial perfume companies. The two shown here are for Iris Blanc by Q. Fleur and Eau de Cologne by Evrard Chartres. No authentic early perfume advertising is known on similar rugs.

New brass match safes

The latest wave of new match safes includes fraternal, figural and advertising pieces. Most are direct copies of well known originals. All of the match safes shown above are new brass reproductions. Average price is under $30 each.