Felix the Cat ToyBy

This new 4 1/2" Felix the Cat toy first appeared in the mid-1990s at a cost of $18. The painted jointed wood body is held together by elastic cord and moves when a disc under the base is pressed. This toy has drifted into the antiques and collectibles market. At a large Midwest show, there were 5 of the new toys priced from $75 to $145 scattered among the over 150 booths.

To our knowledge there is no known old counterpart. The company mark FTCP Inc is also unknown. Similar jointed wood Felix figures were made by Schoenhut but without the base. Ears on the Schoenhut pieces are leather or fabric; the ears on this new piece are wood. The black paint on this new piece turned green under longwave black light. Virtually all old paint is the same color under black light as it is under ordinary light.


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