Searching for Collectibles (401)

Egypt Growing Source of New Furniture

Exports of reproduction antique furniture from Egypt are steadily increasing. Several Egypt-based exporters are aggressively promoting sea containers for export to European and American markets.

Major League Baseball to mark memorabilia

In response to a growing scandal over fake and forged sports collectibles, Major League Baseball has announced a plan to mark baseball memorabilia before it leaves the stadium.

Faked Coca-Cola Matchsafe

This metal matchsafe with a Coca-Cola advertisement is a very carefully made forgery. Original Coca-Cola match safes of this same style with similar images sell for $600+.

American Lindbergh Quilt Copied

In 1990, the Smithsonian licensed Chinese textile mills the rights to reproduce many of the American quilts in the Smithsonian collection. Those designs began a flood of reproductions of 19th century quilt patterns including Lindbergh, Lucky Lindy, or Aeroplane.

Folk Art Style Herb Box

This new country style herb box imitates 19th century originals made of papier mach. The new boxes are made of brown cardboard with a layer of red paper applied on top. The red layer is antiqued with nicks, scratches and tears to give the appearance of age. Any where an edge of the red layer is exposed like the scratches or tears will fluoresce white under long wave black light. Retail for the new boxes is 52 a set.

1960s Rock Posters Get Hot, Confusion is Rollin'

Rock and psychedelic posters from the 1960s - 70s are becoming high priced art. Prices are particularly strong for posters featuring artists before they became superstars like Jimi Hendrix and Janice Joplin. With fairly ordinary originals bringing $200-$500 and rarities selling for $1,000 and up, inexpensive reproductions are becoming widespread. New look-alike posters that copy the old style are also being made.

Ku Klux Klan Panoramic Photo

This Ku Klux Klan (KKK) panoramic photo is being sold through a mail order advertisement. It is a real photograph, not produced on a printing press. It is done in a sepia tone. It is titled Dauphin County Klan Kloncave and dated 1925 within the photo itself.

Cheinco Housewares advertising trays

Have trouble telling new from old advertising trays One of the ways to eliminate a good numnber of new trays is to be familiar with the names of new manufactures. One of those, Cheinco Housewares, has a distinctive trademark that makes detecting their new advertising trays and signs easy. Their log cabin style mark Fig. 7 is 38 high by 12 wide. It appears in the rim of the new Clysmic Water tray in Fig. 6.

Black Figure Phonograph Spindle Toy Copied

One of the accessories available for 1920s era phonographs was a phonograph dancer. A phonograph dancer was a toy or novelty item that attached to the spindle of the turntable. The turning spindle drove a mechanism making the figure rise, fall and turn as if dancing. One of the most sought after phonograph dancers is one styled as a black minstrel. A new copy of this black dancer is now in production.

Classic 1950s Metal Lunch Boxes

A distributor of upscale gifts introduced three new copies of classic 1950s metal lunch boxes. The new boxes shown below include: Howdy Dowdy, originally released by ADCO Liberty, 1955; The Lone Ranger, originally released by ADCO Liberty, 1954; and, Tom Corbett, originally released by Aladdin, 1954.