American Lindbergh Quilt CopiedBy

American Lindbergh Quilt Copied

In 1990, the Smithsonian licensed Chinese textile mills the rights to reproduce many of the American quilts in the Smithsonian collection. Those designs began a flood of reproductions of 19th century patterns.

A famous design from the 20th century has also been reproduced. The original pattern is known variously as "Lindbergh", "Lucky Lindy", or sometimes "Aeroplane". Originals first began appearing after Charles Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic ocean in 1927. The pattern has an early airplane pieced out usually in white (some especially nice examples are appliqued) on various colored backgrounds but red is probably the most common. Border designs vary.

New Lindy quilts have white airplanes on either a navy or red background. All propellers on the new quilts are appliqued. Available in twin, full/queen and king sizes, $175 - $200.

Modern sizes are a clue to age, king sizes are obviously new. The new synthetic thread fluoresces under black light. Old thread will not fluoresce unless it has been recently laundered with modern detergents.

The majority of the new quilts from China, and now India, are hand sewn not machine sewn. Inspect all stitching carefully before deciding on age.