Folk Art Style Herb BoxBy

Folk Art Style Herb Box

This new country style herb box imitates 19th century originals made of paper mache. The new boxes are made of brown cardboard with a layer of red paper applied on top. The red layer is "antiqued" with nicks, scratches and tears to give the appearance of age. Anywhere an edge of the red layer is exposed - like the scratches or tears - will fluoresce white under long wave black light. Retail for the new boxes was $52 a set.


Fig. 1 New country style kitchen boxes for herbs shown above. Imitation of 19th century originals made of paper mache. Large box 9½" dia.


Fig. 2 A layer of reddish cardboard is glued to brown cardboard. Glue used to apply the colored layer exposed fluoresces bright white in black light. The glue is exposed around edges and scratches of the intentionally distressed colored layer.