Window Sign and Game Illustration Offered as Vintage FindsBy

Window Sign and Game Illustration
Offered as Vintage "Finds"

Art from a Victorian board game box and a 1930s window sign were offered as original stone lithographs by a national mail order company. Both items are claimed to have been found in storage in Europe.

The window sign is an advertisement for Fruident, a fruit-flavored toothpaste sold in Switzerland. It measures 13 inches tall by 9½ inches wide. This piece was sold mounted on new lightweight cardboard.

The second piece was originally produced as the cover for the box of a 1905 French board game. It is 13¼ inches by 9¾ inches wide. This piece has been mounted on new canvas.

Both pieces are claimed to be original stone lithographs. If that is true, these pieces will not show the regular dot pattern of modern color printing nor will they fluoresce under ultraviolet light.


We saw these pieces priced at $120 for the French piece; $99 for the Fruident sign.