Westmoreland Reamer now Copied in OpalescentBy

Westmoreland Reamer now Copied in Opalescent

The reamer style below is from an original Westmoreland Glass Company mold. This new piece is green with a white opalescent top rim. No old reamers of this style were ever made in green opalescent.

Original colors were made only in clear, dark green, light green, blue green, white opaque, pink and amber. Any other color or combinations of color are new.

The new reamers were made by Summit Art Glass. Other new colors of this reamer shape include cobalt, black, vaseline, red, teal, pink, light amethyst and caramel slag. The reamers were distributed by a Midwestern glass wholesaler.


New reamer in opalescent green made from original Westmoreland mold. No such color was made originally.