Tobacco cards copiedBy

Tobacco cards copied

Sets of reproduction tobacco cards are available at flea markets and antique shows. These samples printed in sepia (brown) tones and mounted on cardboard sold for $3 each. Originals sell for $25-$100 and up depending on subjects and company brand.

The reproductions are made on a high quality laser printer on new paper. The distinctive horizontal lines created with the laser printer are visible with a 10 power loupe. The edges of the paper fluoresce bright white under long wave black light.

Like most other reproductions of photos and images, the new tobacco cards have been copied from originals. In the process, however, three dimensional surface imperfections in the originals are now printed in the two dimensional reproductions. The black arrow, for example, points to a tear and a surface scratch. These flaws were copied from the original and are only printed in the new card. They are perfectly flat to the touch.