Store size Cocacola signsBy

Store size Coca-cola signs

A mail order firm specializing in reproductions from the 1950-60s sold large Coca-Cola cardboard cut out (die-cut) signs. Original signs of this size were used in store windows, aisles and around soda fountains.

These new pieces are printed on a modern material commonly called foam core. Foam core is made of rigid plastic foam sandwiched between two outer layers of lightweight cardboard. Foam core ranges from 1/8" up to about 1" in thickness. The larger sign (Fig. 2) above is almost 1/4" thick; the other sign (Fig. 1), about 1/8". Original cardboard cut outs were on rigid solid cardboard stock very rarely over 1/16 to 1/8" thick.

Sometimes the distinctive foam seen along the edges is deliberately camouflaged with thick paint. Another method of concealing the foam is to pinch the edge. This compresses the foam and brings the two cardboard sheets together.


Fig. 1 26" tall, 18" wide


Fig. 2 33" tall, 25" wide


Fig. 3 Edge view of foam core showing plastic foam center between two sheets of white cardboard. The foam is darkened with pencil lead to show detail.