Scarce Dr. Pepper token forgedBy

Scarce Dr. Pepper token forged

Forgeries of a hard to find Dr. Pepper token originally introduced around 1910 have been offered in online auctions. Originals are valued at $200; forgeries have been offered in fixed price auctions for $50.

The fakes have been cast in a mold; originals were die struck like coins. Molded fakes generally have noticeably weaker details and very often have a dimpled or pitted surface. When evaluating details, look at the portrait's hair and eyes and milling around the front-facing edges of the token. Look for pitting in the flat surfaces that surround the portrait.

New pieces are also slightly smaller than originals, but this is difficult to observe without a side by side comparison. Original token is about one and one-eighth inch in diameter.


Obverse: portrait, "Geroge Washington"; reverse: "Good For A Dr. Pepper at any Fountain, Dr. Pepper Co. Waco, Tex."