Roseville La Rose Pattern ReproducedBy

Roseville La Rose Pattern Reproduced

At least one shape of Roseville La Rose has been reproduced. It is the 9″ handled vase (Fig. 1) with an RV mark on the base (Fig. 3). This shape copies the original La Rose catalog shape #242.

Original La Rose was introduced in 1924. It has an ivory background with molded garlands painted green and molded clusters of roses painted reddish pink and crossing bands painted blue.

Colors on the new piece are quite accurate but there is no detail in the molded pattern (Fig. 2). In originals, separate leaves are visible in the garlands; individual petals are obvious in the rose clusters. The new ink stamp is pale blue like faded denim. Original ink stamps are dark navy blue or black and are thicker in width than the new stamp. New vases are also much heavier than originals.


Fig. 1 The majority of reproduction Roseville is made in China, but this new La Rose is thought to have been made in America.


Fig. 2 Close up of new pattern shows lack of molded detail.


Fig. 3 New ink stamp in pale blue.