Return of the ColasBy

Return of the Colas

Here are three soft drink reproductions introduced in the mid-1990s. One is a throw or small carpet advertising Coca-ColaTM. The piece is 46 x 67" and is made of 100% cotton in the USA. It has white lettering on a red background in the center surrounded by a green border. The border is fringed in red, green and white threads. This is a fantasy piece as there is no such old counter-part. The design for the throw/rug was adapted from an old Coca-ColaTMsign.

Colas are also featured in two die-cut cardboard signs. Each is about 16" tall and pierced for hanging or wall mounting. They are printed in color on a soft, matte finished surface. The back of each sign is white. Edges and the white backing paper fluoresce brightly under long wave black light. Both are dated in very small print but the dates are easily erased.


Fig. 1 A new all cotton throw or small area rug sold for $47.50 retail.


Fig. 2


Fig. 3

Figs. 2-3 The new die cut cardboard signs were $8 each, retail. All items were purchased by mail.