Rare Robot Reproduced in Super-sized VersionBy

Rare Robot Reproduced in Super-sized Version

The original Atomic Robot Man is thought to be one of the first tin robots made in postwar Japan. It is a wind up piece that walks with a strange side-to-side Frankenstein-like waddle. Originals are sometimes, but not always, marked "Made in Occupied Japan." Originals are only 5" tall.

The toy has now been copied in a "supersized" version. At 11½" tall, it is more than twice the size of the original. Any Atomic Robot Man this size is automatically new and no more study is required.

But the original size was also reproduced back in October 1997. The new 5" version can be identified by the number of gauges on the chest. The small reproduction has five gauges on the chest. There are only three gauges on chests of original 5" robots.

Both sizes of reproductions are made in China for Schylling, an American toy distributor.


Fig. 1 New 11½" version of Atomic Robot Man.


Fig. 2 Original Atomic Robot Man is only 5" tall.