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Pickle Castor Update - Mechanical Frame

An example of the "mechanical" castor frame (Fig. 1)was located for close up photography. The piece was being offered for $375.

This frame was sold by AA Importing from the early 1970s until the early 1980s. As the handle is pushed back, the lid raises automatically (Fig. 2). The frame is unmarked.

A variety of new inserts were sold with this frame. It is also frequently seen with genuinely old inserts as shown here.

The other distinguishing features of this frame are the helmet shaped finial on the lid and the portrait medallion surrounded by birds on the base (Fig. 3).

Source of Four Column Frames

The new frames with four columns around the inserts and birds and vines in the top were distributed by Rosso Glass. This same frame style was also sold by AA Importing in the 1970s-80s.


Fig. 1


Fig. 2


Fig. 3