New Glass Urns with More NamesBy

New Glass Urns with More Names

The large new cut glass urns previously reported with the names of liquors – such as Gin, Whiskey and Brandy– have now been sold with the names of cities. A 26-inch example in clear glass is shown below with "Paris" engraved on the front. There are probably other names as well. This piece was being offered as new for $275.

Jars in this style have been in the market since at least 2001. When the new jars are offered as old, they are most often represented as some type of apothecary jar. The most common sizes are 14, 20 and 31 inches. Colors include clear, pink, cobalt blue and electric blue.

The majority of original jars in this general shape were used to dispense wine or liquor; they were not used in the apothecary trade. Virtually no original wine or liquor urn has an engraved name on the front. Of those originals which do have names, names are almost always applied in enamel paint, not engraved in the glass.

New jars are glued together. You can see the glue joints between the body and pedestal base and where the glass neck around the spigot joins the body (use a black light for best results). New jars can be purchased from the usual reproduction wholesalers for $28 to $175 depending on size and color.


Fig. 1 This new cut glass urn has Paris engraved on the front. Clear crystal, 26 inches.


Fig. 2 This style jar was released in 2001. This example has Brandy engraved on the front; 31 inches tall in electric blue.