New Glass for Sellers CabinetsBy

New Glass for Seller's Cabinets

One of the most popular pieces of kitchen furniture from the turn of the century to the 1940s was the kitchen cabinet, commonly called a "Hoosier." One of the better known models was the Seller's Kitchen Cabinet. The Seller's line included a variety of custom glassware made to fit various spaces in the cabinet. Most of this glass is marked Seller's.

At least one piece of Seller's kitchen glass, a one-cup measure, has been reproduced in India. It is marked on the base as shown in the photo Fig. 1 below. right. We think that all original marks have an apostrophe in SELLER'S. The new mark does not.


Fig. 1 New measuring cup marked Sellers on the outside bottom.


Fig. 2 Raised molded mark on new cup. There is no apostrophe between the R and the S in the new mark. The old mark includes an apostrophe in SELLER'S.