New Dolphin-footed CandlesticksBy

New Dolphin-footed Candlesticks

These 9-inch dolphin-footed pressed glass candlesticks have been seen at many shows, malls and online auctions. The three feet at the base are formed by figural dolphins. The candle socket is decorated in an outside swirl.

Colors in transparent glass include green, pink and cobalt blue shown here. Opaque versions have also been reported.

Transparent versions were available for around $10 a pair from several different wholesalers. A number of mail order catalogs also offered them priced around $25-$20 per pair.

We were unable to locate any old counterpart. The shape looks somewhat more European than American so we checked catalogs of Vallerysthal, Portieux and other continental factories but didn't find any matches.

Like many other glass reproductions, the surface of this piece has a slippery, greasy feeling. The mold seams are also rather more obvious than what's usually found in older glass.


Fig. 1 Dolphin-footed 9-inch candlestick in transparent cobalt blue.


Fig. 2 Detail of candlestick base showing profiles of figural dolphin feet.