New Cameo Glass Marked Galle (TIP)By

New Cameo Glass Marked Galle TIP

Reporting on a new series of lamps made of high quality cameo glass with Galle marks. The new lamps are made in Romania. In additional to the raised "Galle" mark, each piece carries a secondary mark, "TIP" which is the Romanian word for "type."

In other words, "TIP" with "GALLE" means "Galle type." The importer said that TIP is included on the pieces to prevent any legal complications with a European group which claims the rights to the Galle name. The location of the TIP mark varies; some are close to the Galle, other marks are tucked away in parts of the design or pattern such as tree branches.

The dragonfly lamp shown here has an amber/yellow background and true overlays in two colors: a green middle ground and a purple top layer. The work is as good as original French cameo factory production pieces made after WWI.

Be alert for new cameo in which the TIP has been ground off leaving only the Galle mark.


Fig. 1 This new 16" high cameo glass lamp is marked Galle in raised letters on the shade and the base. This particular line of copies is also marked TIP in raised letters. The TIP mark may or may not appear close to the Galle mark. There may be many styles of Galle marks on these copies. If you look closely at the marks on this lamp, you'll see that the Galle mark on the shade does not match the mark on the base.


Fig. 2 New Galle mark.


Fig. 3 New TIP mark that appears on some new cameo that is also marked Galle. TIP appears only on new cameo from Romania. New cameo from China and Japan is not marked TIP. New cameo from other countries is also marked Galle as well as with the names of other vintage makers.