More styles of new phonographsBy

More styles of new phonographs

Two more styles of new hand-cranked outside horn phonographs have appeared. One has a round wooden base; the other has an octagonal wooden base. Both new phonographs have horns made entirely of brass.

These are versions of operational hand-cranked phonographs that began appearing in 2001. All of these machines are made new in India. Many include confusing nameplates that imply they are vintage RCA Victor products.

All of these new machines can be identified by the all-brass horns. No vintage outside horns were ever made entirely of brass. Most vintage horns were made primarily of painted steel with brass generally used only as decorative trim in rims or bands.

The new machines were available for $100-$225 from reproduction wholesalers. Many have been sold as old in the antiques market for substantially more with prices of $500 to $1,000 not uncommon.


New hand-crank outside horn phonographs with wood bases. New circular base, left; octagonal base, right.