Look-alike Minature IvoryBy

Look-alike Miniature Ivory

A series of miniature novelty containers featuring historical figures have the appearance of antique ivory. New pieces are cast in resin, or plastic, in the approximate color of ivory with an antique patina. Facial features, hair, clothing and accessories are picked out in hand-painted detail.

Master models are created in England then shipped to China for mold work and casting. Retail prices averaged $17 a figure.


Fig. 1 King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I are among the 2″-2½″ figures in a new series of ivory look-alike miniature containers.


Fig. 2 Bases and bottoms of heads on new resin pieces have simulated saw marks. Similar tool marks can appear in similar positions on antique ivory and bone.


Fig. 3 Close up of facial detail in Henry VIII figure.


Fig. 4 Queen Elizabeth figure with lid, or head, removed.

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