Magicians Featured on New PostersBy

Magicians Featured on New Posters

At least two very realistic reproduction posters featuring vaudeville magicians are in the market. Each is 24″ X 36″ in size, full color on very heavy paper.

Unlike the poor coloring and low quality found in most reproductions of antique posters, these examples are extremely well made. The regular pattern of tiny dots that characterize modern color printing are so small that a 10X loupe is required to detect them. A casual examination by eye alone or with only a 3-5X magnifying glass is not sufficient to catch the dot pattern. Originals were made by stone lithography and do not show the pattern of tiny dots.

Both posters are marked Gallery Graphics Inc in small letters in the white margin but this would be hidden under frames and mattes or easily trimmed off. New wholesale cost, $5 each; originals can run $300-$2,500 depending on subject and magician.