Imitation souvenir toothpickBy

Imitation souvenir toothpick

This new ruby glass toothpick has a souvenir message printed in ink rather than the etched or engraved message found on originals. The words "Souvenir, Vicksburg, Miss. 1905" are applied in raised white lettering you can feel with your fingernail. The letters of original etchings were cut through the ruby stain and will appear as translucent frosted glass; the printed ink lettering is opaque white.

This same toothpick shape only in different colors is shown in Heacock's 100 Toothpick Holders in Figs. #558 and #559. Those pieces have a clear crystal body with a ruby stain overlay on only the top half of the toothpick. Heacock calls the pattern "Bad Button Arches".

The piece shown here is 1 5/8" dia., 2 1/8" tall. Maker and source unknown. Other "souvenirs" with the same shape are almost certain to exist.