Greentown Buffalo Paperweight - Summit Art Glass ReproductionBy

Greentown Buffalo Paperweight - Summit Art Glass Reproduction

Dr. James Measell wrote an article that explained how to identify the reproductions of the buffalo paperweight originally made by Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Works (Greentown). The only reproductions discussed in that article were by St. Clair Glass Co.

Summit Art Glass also made a production run of the same piece. Summit's buffalo is apparently from the same mold as the St. Clair repro but has the St. Clair markings removed. Summit's pieces are all milk glass with a limited number of pieces available with an iridized finish.

The new Summit pieces can be identified by the same features as the new St. Clair. On all new buffaloes there is no space or gap between the buffalo's head and front legs. On all old pieces, there is a distinct gap between the head and front legs.

Some originals are embossed "1901"; neither reproduction is dated. Wholesale price of Summit's buffalo was under $10. Dated originals in milk glass are $250-$500.


There is no gap between the head and front leg of new buffalo which is shown above. On old buffalo there is a distinct space between head and front leg.