Gas Sign Reproduced in Painted WoodBy

Gas Sign Reproduced in Painted Wood

A contemporary "folk" artist made wood copies of White Eagle Gasoline signs. The new signs were sold through at least one nationally circulated mail-order catalog for $145. New signs have a distressed finish to simulate natural aging and weathering.

As far as we could determine, this sign was never made in wood; it was only produced in metal. White Eagle Gasoline was one of many independent regional gas companies started in the first quarter of the 20th century. These small companies were relatively short-lived since most were either purchased or forced out of business by large national corporations.

Advertising, fixtures and equipment from the early companies are scarce because those firms were generally in business for only a few years and the amount of collectible material is very limited.


New painted wood White Eagle Gasoline sign, 21½ inches tall, 16 inches across.