From the planet WarehousefindBy

From the Planet Warehousefind

These robot/spaceman bottles have been seen in ever increasing numbers over the last six months. They are clear figural glass with molded helmets, ray guns in holsters and rockets on their backs. Facial features, a uniform and name are silkscreened in various colors. Height about 8" with a metal screw off cap with a coin slot. Each bottle is printed with a space name such as "Orbit Admiral" or "Space Navigator".

According to the embossed mark on the bottom, the bottles were made by Owens-Illinois Glass Co. at their Clarion, Pennsylvania plant; exact date of production unknown.

These bottles are generally displayed in huge piles in antique malls and were priced around $30-$35 each.

Possibly this item will be rare by the 23rd century but right now there's no shortage. At least on Earth.


Armies of these bottles are found in many malls.


Close up of metal lid. The coin slot would be punched through the center bar (arrow). Bottles held a variety of flavored syrups for mixing home beverages.


Bottles are clear glass, 8" tall; silkscreened decorations.