French Maker New Copies of 1920s Glass Shapes and ColorsBy

French Maker New Copies of 1920s Glass Shapes and Colors

An unidentified French glass firm has introduced a line of new glass imitating shapes and colors from the first quarter of the 20th century.

New pieces include both vases and lamps. The new 20-inch lamp shown here is a typical example. Other lamps are available with mushroom and dome shades.

The glass in all new pieces shown so far is a yellow body with brownish-red mottling, or speckling. This particular color combination is very similar to vintage glass produced ca. 1917-1932 by the French firm of Schneider (Des Verreries Schneider.)

Original Schneider can be signed in any of several ways. It can be "Schneider" or the names of either of two product lines made by Schneider, "Le Verre Francais" or "Charder."

The new glass is also somewhat similar to pre-1930 lighting wares by Muller Freres (Muller brothers) doing business under the names "Muller-Croismare" and "Muller-Luneville."