Fabric labels on Handel lampsBy

Fabric labels on Handel lamps

Two authentic Handel marks appear as fabric strips. One is Handel, the other is Handel Lamps.

Both originals are applied to the felt pads that cover the entire bottom of authentic bases. Originals are relatively flat and tightly woven and resemble a Stevengraph. New threads almost always fluoresce under black light and are much larger and coarser than original threads. New fabric labels are often applied directly to metal surfaces, not felt pads.

Reproductions of original style B, have been around at least since the late 1970s. The first style B reproductions (Fig. 4) have a shortened leg in the L in Handel (arrow).

More recent fake fabric tags (Fig. 3) are created with digital sewing machines in the embroidery mode found on many home sewing machines as well as in shops that do custom embroidery on baseball caps, bowling shirts, etc. Many variations are possible.


Fig. 1 (Original Style A)
Fabric label with Handel in block letters. This style not as widely reproduced as style B.


Fig. 2 (Original Style B)
Fabric label, reproduced since the 1970s.


Fig. 3 Current crude reproduction of original style B. Coarse thread is typical of sewing machines used in custom imprint shops.


Fig. 4 A more sophisticated woven fake. L in Handel doesn't touch L in lamps. Similar fakes have been made since the 1970s.

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