Dog House ToothpickBy

Dog House Toothpick

There has been some confusion in published price guides with a figural glass toothpick listed as Dog House. There are two types: one is old, the other may or may not be old. The version which has not as yet been reproduced is shown in Fig. 2. This style is attributed to Bryce Brothers and is known in amber, blue, canary, clear and vaseline. A chain is on the dogs collar; no roof above the dogs head.

The dog house in Fig. 1 was originally made by Westmoreland and produced off and on for many years up until Westmoreland closed in 1984. The mold then passed to Summit Glass where it was placed back in production. Some of the new colors include vaseline, milk glass and carnival-like iridescent finishes. Since the original Westmoreland mold is being used, separating old from new in this shape is very difficult. Color and finish can be of some help. For example, no old pieces are known with a carnival finish.


Fig. 1 Originally made by Westmoreland. The mold is now owned by Summit Glass and was placed back in production.


Fig. 2 (Old) Victorian Dog House attributed to Bryce Bros.; not yet reproduced.

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