Crown Tuscan vs. Crown TusconBy

Crown Tuscan vs. Crown Tuscon

Cambridge Glass Company of Cambridge, Ohio (1902-1958) made the original Crown Tuscan. It was a pink color ranging from opaque to slightly translucent made from 1932 until the 1950s. The word "Tuscan" was inspired by "Tuscany", a region of Italy.

A very close copy of this Cambridge color is now reproduced and marketed under the name "Crown Tuscon"; that's Tus-con with an 'O', not Tus-cAn with an A. As far as ACRN knows, no shapes originally made by Cambridge have been made in the new color. However, a number of original and look-alike molds do exist that could easily be used for the new color. These include a quarter pound butter dish and other shapes in Caprice and Bashful Charlotte flower holder. Reproductions of these shapes are common in other colors.

Don't assume "Tuscon" to be a typographical error in a mail order or Internet transaction or on a written receipt. Clear up the confusion before payment.