Confusing Art Deco Figural PerfumesBy

Confusing Art Deco Figural Perfumes

New flapper girl figural ceramic perfumes have been made in original ca. 1920s molds. At least two different styles of 3″ bottles were offered.

The bottles are in a matte, or bisque, finish with painted details. Each bottle comes with a glass dauber. Bottles retailed for about $45 each.

These bottles are manufactured by the German Doll Company. This company claims to own over one thousand original ca. 1880-1940 molds from Weiss, Kuhnert & Co. of Grafenthal, Germany. The German Doll Company mark is stamped in ink (below center), on the bottles. These ink marks are easily removed.


New 3″ bisque perfume bottles, left and right, have the mark in the middle stamped in ink. Ink is usually red or blue.