Confusing Jar Often Sold as OldBy

Confusing Jar Often Sold as Old

This covered glass jar with pheasant head finial was sold during the 1970-80s by Herter's, a hunting and outdoor goods supplier. Although Herter's business dates back to 1893, no old counterpart of the pheasant jar ever existed. When the jar drifts into the antiques market it is almost always represented as a much older piece.

The jar is 12″ tall to the top of the pheasant's head and 5″ per side. It's heavy clear glass weighing over four pounds. The pheasant head is highly detailed and well made. Maker is unknown but the jar body is very similar to jars made by L. E. Smith Glass at about the same time Herter's was selling the jar.

Herter's is still in business supplying hunting and outdoor products. No glassware of any kind is currently sold by Herter's.


Fig. 1


Fig. 2 Close up of pheasant head finial. About 2″ tall; 2¼″ left to right. The lid is fairly loose fitting; neither base rim or rim of lid is ground.

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