Reissue - Christmas Pattern CompoteBy

Carnival Glass - Christmas Pattern Compote

Reissued from Original Mold

The Christmas pattern compote is among the most rare and expensive pieces of carnival glass. It was originally produced about 1909 in purple and marigold by the Dugan Glass Company. Collectors call it the "Christmas compote" because holly leaves are embossed over the entire surface. In past years, pieces have sold in the $3,000-$4,000 range.

No one knew for sure which glass factory made the Christmas compote. Some claimed it was a Northwood product, others Millersburg; in many books, the maker was listed as "unknown". The true identity of the manufacturer was not known until January 1997 when the original mold was found in a warehouse. It was positively identified because the outside of the mold was stamped with Dugan's D in diamond trademark shown in Fig. 2.

The mold was found by James Measell and Dave Richardson of Antique Publications/Glass Press which specializes in books on glass and produces Glass Collectors Digest. Richardson is publisher; Measell is Director of Glass History Research.

Richardson took the mold to Fenton Art Glass Company in June of 1997 when a short run of samples was made. The mold was then put into limited production producing 191 ruby colored pieces, regular finish; 113 ruby pieces with satin finish and 152 pieces of yellow glass with opalescent rim. The new compotes are sold only through Antique Publications. Both red compotes were $250 each; the opalescent yellow, $200. All of the new compotes are marked in the glass with the letters AP in a circle for Antique Publications and a cursive F in an oval for Fenton.

Although the new compotes are clearly identified, that doesn't mean the markings won't eventually be tampered with or removed. The temptation to turn a $250 investment into a $3,000 profit might be too great for some persons to resist. Fortunately, new and old colors leave little confusion. Original Christmas compotes by Dugan were made only in purple and marigold. Any other color is of recent manufacture.


Fig. 1 New carnival glass Christmas compote. Old and new both about 5" tall, about 9½" dia. Photo courtesy Glass Collectors Digest.


Fig. 2 Dugan Glass Company mark. This mark is stamped into the outside of the Christmas compote mold. Neither the original compote or the new Fenton compote has this mark in the glass.


Fig. 3 Original Dugan Christmas compote mold in background, mold plunger front left. New glass compote from old mold, made by Fenton front right. Photo courtesy Glass Collectors Digest.