Cast Iron Nipper Fake Copied from Plaster Nipper FakeBy

Cast Iron Nipper Fake Copied from
Plaster Nipper Fake

The cast iron "record holder" in Fig. 1 featuring Nipper, the RCA mascot, is a fantasy item. No piece in this shape was ever made. It was apparently copied from a plaster fake of the same shape, Fig. 2.

The plaster fake has been in the market since about the late 1990s. It is shown here in its fantasy role as a holder for a 78rpm record. The plaster fake has the phrase "His Master's Voice" impressed across the front of the base. There are no markings on the cast iron piece.

As a general rule, all advertising from the 20th century will include a copyright notice or copyright symbol, a trademark symbol or a registration symbol. None of those marks appear on either fake. Even if you didn't realize no vintage piece like this ever existed, the lack of those marks is enough to warn you that both pieces are reproductions.


Fig. 1 Fake cast iron 14-inch long "record holder" with Nipper currently in the market.


Fig. 2 Fake plaster 14½-inch long "record holder" with Nipper. Shown with a 78rpm record. This piece has been made since the late 1990s.