Bedtime for Roy & TriggerBy

Bedtime for Roy & Trigger

In the 1990s, a mail order supplier offered a line of Roy Roger items, 1950s styled bedroom accessories. They included plush cotton chenille spreads, pillows and covers with embroidered designs, satin pillows with appliques, and pillows with photo prints. The special pillow shown here included sequins in star shapes and a facsimile autograph. Some of these items have shown up at toy shows and TV collectibles sales as original 1950s goods. King and queen sized spreads and covers are obviously new because no 1950s originals were made in those sizes. The appliqued satin pillows and photo pillows are polyester which wasn't in widespread use until the late 1960s-early 1970s. All items originally made in the USA.


Roy & Trigger pillow with sequins, ca. 1993.