Searching for Silver

A Typical New Brides Basket Frame

Most reproduction wholesalers offer look-alike Victorian silver plate. One of the most common new items is a reproduction of a brides basket frame. In this article well compare a typical new frame to the features of typical old originals.

Sterling Rattles

The 7-inch sterling silver figural cat rattle with bells is also a whistle. Other similar figurals exist, all are made in Mexico. New sterling silver ball-shaped rattles are marked JEM, both about 3 1/2 inches.

New Art Deco Silver Plate

New silver-plated objects in the Art Deco or Art Moderne style are now in the market. The new items are made in India and sold in the United States by a west coast importer.

Napkin Rings with Faked Marks

A business in New York is currently selling reproductions of figural napkin rings bearing trademarks and model numbers of original manufacturers. The companys 1997 brochure showed nine different figural rings available. Price is 55 each or four for 200. Originals of the reproductions sell for 200500. The new rings are being marketed by the manufacturer as limited edition collectibles with original markings.

Another Style of New Napkin Rings

There is another generation of reproduction figural napkin rings in the market. The key feature in identifying this new group is an extremely thin lightweight base with a pressed design (see Figs. 2 3).

Figural matchsafe update

Another group of figural sterling matchsafes has begun to show up at shows, malls and Internet auction sites. Unlike previously reported sterling figural reproductions, this group does not have the DAB touchmark or correct English hallmarks to identify and date them as new. All of the new safes are copies of well known and relatively expensive originals.

Reproductions, Fakes and Look-Alike Victorian Posy Holders - Tussie Mussies

The majority of reproductions are usually made to fill a demand for a hugely popular or hot product. Some recent examples being cobalt blue royal lace depression glass, Roseville pottery, Gall cameo glass and Pairpoint Puffy lamps. Originals in all those lines bring high prices and you can at least understand why they would be reproduced, copied or forged.

New Sterling Silver Ice Cream Scoops

A mail order firm is selling the above item as a sterling ice cream server. The catalog copy says it is antique sterling silver. What the catalog doesnt say is that its made from an ordinary butter knife with the blade removed and a stainless steel scoop added. Price $79. Dont be mislead by old hall sterling hallmarks. Wayne Smith, author of Ice Cream Dippers, says there never were any old scoops made like this.

Sterling Silver Matchsafes with Sporting Themes

Latest Reproductions Identified by New Hallmark - A batch of sterling silver match safes featuring sporting themes is available. The new safes first appeared in antiques markets and fairs in England. They have now been seen in American shows, malls, shops and many online auctions.

Silver Plate Toothpick Holder

This Victorian look-alike silver-plated toothpick holder is being offered by several mail order catalogs. Although generally similar to original turn-of-century pieces, ACRN could not find an exact old counterpart. There are no marks on the new piece. Silver plate is good quality but the finishing on the base is poor. Note how the marks on the base are parallel and perfectly aligned. This is a sign of power tools, not normal wear.