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More Details on Latest Nippon Copies

Joan Van Patten (author Collectors Encyclopedia of Nippon Porcelain series) has provided more information on Nippon reproductions.

Hillbilly Frog Cookie Jar Notes

The original Hillbilly Frog cookie jar was made by Brush Pottery Company in 1969. It is believed less than 100 were made which have once been valued at around $4,000. The original mold was sold in 1992 to a potter who made 75-80 jars. These reissues are also highly sought after and once were valued at $650-$750. A third version is a low quality reproduction made since 1992 which sold for about $25.

Staffordshire Copies from China

A major wave of new Staffordshire figures made in China is now flowing through the U.S. as well as international markets. Unlike many previous reproductions which were only slip cast, the new Chinese products are true pottery and are hand made in a similar style as old.

New Game Plates and Portrait Pieces

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, a great number of new game plates and portrait pieces were imported into the United States by reproduction wholesalers and giftware distributors. Many of these new pieces had marks which were then, and now, easily confused with marks on old game and portrait plates. This article will review some of the most common decorations and marks used on these confusing pieces.

Little Red Riding Hood Pottery Reproductions

Reproductions of Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH) pottery have been filtering into the market for at least two to three years.

Hull Bow-Knot Cornucopia Copied

The Hull Bow-Knot 7 cornucopia is being reproduced (shown above). Original Bow-Know was only made in two color styles: 1) pink top rims with blue-green bases; 2) blue top rims with blue-green bases. Reproduction shown here has gray top rim with green base. This reproduction was marked the same as an original with molded raised lettering. Inn

German Bisque from Old Molds

The German Doll Company, owned by American and German partners, has purchased an estimated 30,000 original molds used to make bisque figures during the late 19th and first third of the 20th century. A number of old molds have been put back in production making new pieces that include original pre-1940 marks.

More Confusing Marks on Blue Decorated Pottery

More new marks on blue transferware can be found on the market. The new mark in Fig. 2 is the only one of the three shown that is a direct copy of a known original company, T. Rathbone Newfield Pottery, Tunstall, England. We couldn't find any old counterparts to the new marks in Figs. 5 and 6.

New Pottery Similar to Original Grueby and Teco Shapes

For the last two years, Arts and Craft styled green glazed Teco and Grueby pottery have been bringing record prices. A 6 Teco vase (Fig. 9) brought $19,550 at Christies 20th-century auction in November 1999. Single color Grueby has been selling for $2,000-$5,000 (two color pieces have sold as high as $34,000).

Fantasy Limoges Mark on Plates Made in China

A fantasy Limoges backstamp has just starting appearing on porcelain reproductions made in China. The new backstamp, is in gold.