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New Pottery Resembles Old Chintz

Chintz a generic name for primarily English china decorated all over flowers has been bringing record prices the last three years.

New Glass Reamer in Custard from Original Westmoreland Mold

The vintage mold for the new reamer at right was first made by Westmoreland Glass Co. That original mold is now owned by Summit Glass which has put it back in production, reproducing new reamers in a variety of colors. The very latest new color being custard shown here. It is a creamy yellowish white very close to the color of antique custard glass. The new reamer will fluoresce under long wave black light so dont use that test. Your best clue to age is the color. This reamer was never made in custard by Westmoreland. Original colors included crystal, amber, various greens, white milk glass and pink.

Turnabout is foul play

As the popularity of cookie jars has increased, so have the reproductions. One of the latest is this combination Mickey Minnie Mouse jar. This piece has a crossover interest to Disney and Mickey and Minnie collectors. Originals of this jar sell for about $100$145. This particular reproduction jar wholesaled for $35. The copy is relatively easy to detect.

More Details on Latest Nippon Copies

Joan Van Patten (author Collectors Encyclopedia of Nippon Porcelain series) has provided more information on Nippon reproductions.

New KPM Mark Appearing on Demitasses and Hatpin Holders

A new KPM mark turned up on hatpin holders and demitasse sized cups and saucers. This latest version is much improved over previous copies of KPM marks. The new mark is very similar in general appearance to the old but leaves out an important detail. All authentic KPM eagle marks must include a scepter (a short rod symbolizing authority). Old eagle marks were stamped in ink; new marks are transfers. So far, all new marks are a deep blue; old eagle marks were generally red or brown; blue was only used occasionally.

Lafayette-Washington Mug from 1976 Bicentennial

In an April 12, 1996 issue of Antiques and The Arts Weekly (The Bee), page 63, a report appeared about an auction held in Montreal, Canada on March 19, 1996 by Sylvain Collins. Among the items reported selling were an authorized reproduction Galle urn shape vase, signed Galle and Tip measuring 13 high, selling for $3,800 and an authorized reproduction Galle urn shaped vase, signed Galle and Tip, measuring 20 high went for $1,700 (italics added by ACRN).

Hillbilly Frog Cookie Jar Notes

The original Hillbilly Frog cookie jar was made by Brush Pottery Company in 1969. It is believed less than 100 were made which have once been valued at around $4,000. The original mold was sold in 1992 to a potter who made 75-80 jars. These reissues are also highly sought after and once were valued at $650-$750. A third version is a low quality reproduction made since 1992 which sold for about $25.

Staffordshire Copies from China

A major wave of new Staffordshire figures made in China is now flowing through the U.S. as well as international markets. Unlike many previous reproductions which were only slip cast, the new Chinese products are true pottery and are hand made in a similar style as old.

Watt Pottery Reproductions

Hand decorated wares by the Watt Pottery are highly sought-after by collectors. The bold, cheerful designs--executed with only a few brush strokes--are popular among pottery collectors as well as those decorating in the country style. Recently, reproductions and newly designed pieces in identical decorations have appeared on the market.

New Pottery Marked McCoy

Theres another batch of new pottery in the market marked McCoy. Like previous batches of new McCoy, this new group consists of direct copies of genuine McCoy originals and items that were never made by McCoy. Frog sprinkle and planter, scotty dogs, elephant, wall pocket, basket weave planter, teapot planter, Little Miss Riding Hood.