Searching for Porcelain & Pottery

Vintage Roycroft Pottery Tiles

Take only a quick glance at the mark (the letter R inside an orb with crosses on the top) and you might think you're looking at vintage Arts and Craft pottery tiles.

Chintz by the Yard?

One mail order house is now selling new chintz in bulk. This eight-piece group shown here is job-lot priced at $120. Not bad considering many vintage pieces in similar sizes, shapes and patterns would sell for $75-$200 each.

New Snow Babies from Old Molds

More bisque pieces from original molds owned by The German Doll Company (GDC) continue to appear in the market. GDC is a present-day company formed in 1998. They have purchased a large cache of original molds from turn-of-the-century German porcelain factories and have been putting the molds back in production. New products have the same molded marks as original pieces such as Germany and various four digit numbers.

Sleepy Eye Mills Co. Barrel Labels - Dating

Advertising and premiums of the Sleepy Eye Milling Company are highly collectible. Although best known for a series of blue and white stoneware premiums, there are many collectibles featuring their famous trademark, the portrait of Old Sleepy Eye, a Sioux chief.

Mini Stoneware Advertising Jugs

A Kansas City potter is throwing miniature stoneware advertising jugs virtually identical to old originals.

Anglo-American Historical Transferware

The collector of historical transferware, made 1760-1860, is really quite fortunate that there are very few true fakes on the market. Although the ware has been popular for over a century, there have not been many attempts to recreate ceramic items in this field. True, there are a few pesky items that show up occasionally but the authors hope to place a final fatal stake in the heart of these pieces with specific details on how beginning buyers can avoid them.

Fake Roseville Pottery

This 16" vase with figural Art Nouveau nude has an incised Roseville mark. The piece is white with gold on the woman's robe and brownish gold on the raised flowers in back. Royal Dux and Teplitz.

Cherry Blossom Reproduced in Carnival Glass

This cherry blossom pattern water set with an iridized carnival glass finish was recently seen in an antique mall in Kansas City, Missouri. The pitcher and four scallop footed tumblers were once priced at $115. Original cherry blossom was made by Jeannette Glass Company, ca. 1930-1939. Reproductions in various colors have appeared since the 1970s. Maker and source unknown.

New Queen Victoria and Prince Albert Staffordshire figures

Two new figural Staffordshire reproductions of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert have just been introduced by a mail order gift catalog. The 7 figures are depicted seated in chairs and are copied from 19th century originals.

New Jardiniere Resembles Royal Doulton

There is a new 9-inch jardiniere in the market that resembles a Victorian-era original by Royal Doulton.