Searching for Porcelain & Pottery

Cowboy China: Old Patterns Copied

Public interest in the American west and southwest "look" have brought old patterns with those themes back into production.

Roseville Ashtray is McCoy

If you assume an ashtray marked Roseville was made by Roseville Pottery, you would be wrong. The ashtray was made to Floraline, a series of pottery containers developed by McCoy for the florist trade. USA, souvenir 50th anniversary, Nelson McCoy.

Blue and White Stoneware Kitchen Canisters

Most pieces of new molded stoneware have been relatively simple shapes such as pitchers, bowls and mugs. Recently, a more sophisticated imitation was made as a complete set of kitchen canisters.

Giant Staffordshire Dogs on the Loose

The Hound of the Baskervilles looks like the runt of the litter compared to these new monsters! These mutts are a towering 24-inches tall. Their gigantic size make them more suitable for setting on bridge beams than Victorian mantels.

Art Deco Ceramic Bookends

We recently bought this matched set of figural Deco-looking bookends at an antique mall. They are molded ceramic with a white glaze; 6 tall by 4 wide. The only mark is a removable 'Made in Japan' paper label with the copyright of Sigma Taste Setter. Neither retail or wholesale source is currently known.

Wright Vase in Production

One of Wright's best known commissions was the Susan Lawrence Dana house. Wright created most of the interior accessories as well as the house.

New Red Wing Pottery - Current Marks and Shapes Like Early Pieces

A new line of stoneware from crocks to bean pots, pantry jars to planters is being made by a firm using the name Red Wing Stoneware Company. This new company is located in Red Wing, Minnesota and uses markings similar to earlier potteries from the same town whose products are widely collected. Unless you are familiar with the specific marks, it would be fairly easy to mistake the name and marks on new production for older collectible pieces.

Reproduction Muncie Pottery Ruba Rombic Bowl

A reproduction Muncie Pottery bowl in the Ruba Rombic style was on display at the Wisconsin Art Pottery show in Madison, Wisconsin, Saturday, August 28, 1999. The reproduction is a copy of shape #306 as shown in Muncie's 1929 catalog.

Fantasy Pieces of Railroad China

Dining car china is a popular railroad collectible. So popular it's been widely reproduced and reissued for a number of years.

New Nippon Wall Vases Confusing Buyers

Advanced and beginning buyers alike have recently been fooled by new wall vases with fake Nippon marks. Joan Van Patten (author, Collectors Encyclopedia of Nippon series) was contacted by a number of persons at the recent Nippon convention who admitted to buying the new pieces.