Searching for Porcelain & Pottery

Fantasy Sleepy Eye Pottery Paperweight

This new reddish brown clay paperweight was recently purchased in a Midwest antique mall. The top has the impressed profile of Chief Sleepy Eye (Fig. 1) which was the trademark of Sleepy Eye Flour, Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. Teepee designs ring the sides (Fig. 7) and on the bottom a Western Stoneware Co. mark (Fig. 8).

New Porcelain Marked Nippon

Since the mid1990s there have been a wide number of faked Nippon marks appearing on new porcelain.

Clarice Cliff Pottery

As you probably know from recent articles in antiques publications, pottery by Clarice Cliff has been bringing record prices. In recent auctions, teapot have sold for over $3,000; plates, up to $3,300; vases and jugs, $975 to $1,800. Cliff figurines have sold for over $6,000; vases have brought over $10,000.

New Fulper Pottery

Original Fulper pottery was made by Fulper Pottery of Flemington, New Jersey. This firm was started in the early 1800's but is best known for its Arts and Craft styled art pottery produced ca. 1909-1930. In 1930, former Fulper superintendent J. Martin Stangl bought Fulper Pottery and shifted the emphasis from art pottery to dinnerware and began marking pieces Stangl. Original Fulper Pottery marks are shown in Fig. 2.

New Marks Resemble Victorian

Two marks on new china wares are potentially confusing. Both resemble the general style of marks found on Victorian period pottery from England.

Royal Dux: Dating 150 Years of Porcelain

Duxer Porzellanmanufaktur, or Dux Porcelain Manufactory, was started in 1860 by Eduard Eichler in what was then Duchov, Bohemia. The high quality pottery and porcelain figures produced there are now generally referred to by the abbreviated name, "Royal Dux."

New Bauer Pottery

The Bauer Pottery name has been registered again and new pottery is being marked with various versions of the Bauer Pottery name. New products copy the so-called ring ware pieces originally manufactured in the 1930-40s using some of the original shapes as models.

Rookwood Tile Copied

Reproduction Rookwood tile available for $50 through mail order catalog. Multi-color, high gloss glaze. Rabbits beneath a tree. North Prairie tile works, Rookwood faience

Revised Mark on New Rington Tea Jar

A confusing mark on a reproduction Ringtons Tea jar has been made more confusing.

New Shawnee Pottery

Shawnee Pottery corn ware Corn King, Corn Queen has been reproduced since at least 1996. Two new pieces, the 73 casserole and 70 cream pitcher, are shown here. Both new pieces are marked the same as original pieces.