Searching for Porcelain & Pottery

More New Flow Blue in Old Patterns with Confusing Marks

Flow Blue Waldorf and Iris patterns reproduced. Burslem, England, Royal Doulton, Arthur J. Wilkinson, W & E Corn, Mason's and Cauldon. Dunn Bennett. Stanley Pottery.

Ephraim Faience Art Pottery

Emphraim Faience Art Pottery, founded in 1996, specializes in making new pottery in the styles and colors of the Arts and Crafts period. The majority of the company's first pieces were based on copies of well-known period makers such as Grueby, Newcomb Saturday Evening Girls (SEG) and others. Later designs, though, have focused on contemporary interpretations of the general Arts and Crafts style.

New Delft Imports

Delft has been a standard inventory item for reproduction wholesalers and importers for years. Many pieces have remained unchanged in their catalogs since the mid 20th century. Many new pieces carry confusing marks that seem to suggest age and qualty.

Scarce Stoneware Jar Copied

Reproductions of a scarce stoneware vinegar jar are being sold in Missouri. Both jars have For Purity Strength Use Emrichs Old Glory Vinegarin cobalt blue stenciling on white glazed stoneware.

Another Copy of Wedgwood Majolica Umbrella Holder

The first reproduction of Wedgwood's Victorian era pineapple and fruit majolica umbrella holder was shown in ACRN, October, 1996. Now another copy has been made in the same pattern with some improvements.

Weller Coppertone Copy Now in Market

At least one well known Weller Pottery Coppertone shape is being copied. The new vase in Fig. 1 with figural frogs and lily pads was purchased recently at a retail store for $16.99. It was obviously copied from the original ca. 1920-30's Coppertone vase in Fig. 2. Originals have sold for $500 to $1000+ depending on glaze, marks and artist signatures.

Repro Roseville Wall Pockets Seen Again

In February of 1997, ACRN reported that new wall pockets with a nude in Roseville Panel (Rosecraft Panel) were being reproduced. After two pieces were sold in Maine, no others were seen.

Additional New Ironstone Marks

Two more confusing new marks have been found on reproductions of 19th century ceramics. The new marks are applied in dark blue transfer. ACRN found the crown mark on biscuit jars decorated in Masons Japan style decoration and the ribbon mark on a toast rack with chintz styled decoration. Like other confusing new marks, these two recent additions can be expected to show up on a wide variety of 19th century copies. These pieces with their facsimiles of old marks are being made in China for the antique reproduction wholesale trade.

New Line of Majolica Released

A New York importer has recently introduced a new line of majolica that copies Victorian-era originals. Clockwise from upper left corner, they are: Iris and Lotus square planter, Daisy cachepot (urn to hide ceramic flowerpot), Apple Blossom cachepot and pitcher, Daisy plate, (11" dia.), and Brown Geraniums plate. Retail prices range from $20 to $100.

New Mimbreno China

New Mimbreno China is a railroad dining car pattern first used by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe from 1936-1970. The pattern was based on ancient Indian art found in the Mimbres Valley, thus the name. The new Mimbreno patterns are exact copies of originals.