Searching for Glass

Classic Venetian Goblet Copied

This 9-inch goblet with a figural stem is an almost identical copy of vintage pieces. The figural swan and knobs on the stem are gold flecked clear crystal; the base and bowl are deep ruby.

Large Vase from Original Czech Mold

This new 9-inch vase was reproduced from original ca. 1930 molds of Henry G. Schlevogt, a noted Czech glass designer and manufacturer.

New jars with advertising

Its illegal for anyone but the owners or their licensees to use United States patent numbers, phrases related to patent registration or phrases related to United States trademark registration.

When Glass Marked Lalique is not Lalique

Molinard is a French perfume company which has used a number of bottles designed by Ren Lalique and made of Lalique glass. In Lalique Perfume Bottles, authors Mary Lou and Glen Utt document five Lalique designs used by Molinard: Le Baiser du Faune, Calendal, Madrigal, Les les dOr and Cariatides. Cariatides was discontinued around 1940; the others were made up through the early-1950s.

Jeanette Jadite Reamer Reproduced

New jadite reamers are being made which are virtually identical to vintage reamers made by Jeanette Glass. Co. (Fig. 1). The new reamers are currently selling for $9 each. Originals typically bring an average of $60 to $80.

Detecting Fake and Forged Acid Marks on Glass

Genuinely old marks applied to glass at the time of manufacture will logically show scratches produced by normal wear. In other words, scratches will go through original marks, as shown below, left. Many new marks applied to old but originally unmarked pieces will often be placed over scratches. Under a 10X loupe, you can usually see the acid in these new marks flowing into the old scratches, below right.

New and Old Marks on Glass from Eastern Europe

Mention "Czech glass" today and most collectors automatically think of the bright colors and Art Deco shapes made between 1918 and 1938. But that time period and those pieces represent only a fraction of the centuries-long tradition of glass making in Eastern Europe.

New Cameo in Retail Catalogs May Signal Trend

Reproductions of Art Nouveau French cameo glass are now being routinely listed in mail order catalogs mailed to the general public.

Art Glass Shades - Original or Copy?

By the last quarter of the nineteenth century, most American cities were completing the conversion from gas and oil lighting to lighting powered by electricity. Rather than have a fairly large central oil lamp around which the family gathered, smaller electrical lights could now be placed throughout the house.

New Cameo Glass Covered Jar

This new 10 covered urn, or jar (right), marked Gall has recently been been offered by reproduction wholesalers. This example has a pale amber overlay on a frosted clear glass body. It is signed with an imitation Gall mark in raised glass (see photo below.) Although some vintage Gall from ca. 1880-1930 was made in a similar shape, originals in this shape are scarce and not likely to show up in online auctions or the local flea market.