Searching for Glass

New glass stoppers

The present day company of Villeroy Boch has introduced a series of crystal wine stoppers. Stoppers are a decorative way to cap a bottle of wine at the table after the cork is removed. The horse head shown here is about 3 long. Other stoppers, mostly in geometric shapes, are 3-4 long. All the new stoppers are under $10 each. New stoppers fit a number of vintage decanters, cruets and perfumes.

Italian Cruets from 1970-1980s Copied Victorian Art Glass

During the 1970-1980s Murano, Italy, was one of the leading suppliers of reproduction Victorian art glass. Mother of pearl glassware, commonly called MOP, was one of the 19th century decorative techniques the Italians copied.

Depression Glass Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Handles

At least one restoration catalog source is offering glass door knobs closely resembling Depression-era originals. The 1 diameter knobs are sold in Jadite (opaque pale green), transparent apple green, transparent blue (peacock blue) and Delphite (opaque pale blue) and milk glass, and clear. Glass bridge-style door handles averaged about 4 across and were available in the same colors as the knobs but also included opaque black, ruby red and cobalt blue.

Reproduced Jeannette Glass Iris Coasters - Iris and Herringbone

A clear crystal coaster is the latest piece of the Iris pattern to be reproduced. Original Iris was made by the Jeanette Glass Company. The original factory name was Iris but it is now commonly called Iris and Herringbone.

Dugan Lattice Daisy Reproduced

Dugan Glass first made Lattice Daisy about 1915. Originals are mostly known in carnival but were also available in non-iridized finishes.

Candlewick Basket Nappy in Vaseline

Original Candlewick was one of Imperial Glass Corporation's most popular and longest selling patterns. It was introduced in 1936 and continued to be made until Imperial closed in 1984.

Whats a lamp break

(it doesn't mean broken)

Copies of Rare Czech Perfume Stoppers Continues

Reproductions of highly sought after original Deco Czech perfume stoppers have been filtering into the market since 1997. In late 1998, a second generation of improved quality stoppers and additional designs began to appear.

Candlewick Copied

Dalzell Viking Glass Co. has put certain original molds of Imperial Candlewick back in production. The company is now making a five piece table setting which includes a 10 dinner plate, 8 salad plate, 6 bread plate and a butter plate, cup and saucer. The pieces are made in crystal and colors which include forest green, cobalt blue and ruby red. Sets retail for $75-$95. Other sizes of plates are also produced privately for Gumps of San Francisco with frosted finishes on their backs.

New reissues from Gillinder Glass

The name Gillinder has been associated with American glass since 1861 when William Gillinder started a glass factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. William and his descendants designed and made some of the most popular pressed glass patterns of the Victorian era and early 20th century. These include: Westward Ho (Pioneer), Classic, Liberty Bell (Centennial Pattern), Holly Leaves and Stippled Star.