Searching for Glass

One-ounce Jadite Mortar and Pestle

Last May ACRN reported on new kitchen glass including glass funnels, measuring cups, reamers and two sizes of mortar and pestles. Those pieces were made in vaseline, cobalt blue and Jadite. Illinois Glass.

Greentown Dog Head toothpick holders

Products from the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Company of Greentown, Indianacommonly called Greentown Glassare among the most highly sought pieces of American pressed glass.

Pontiac Chief Glass Figure

This transparent red pressed glass figure was offered by a glass wholesaler in 2001. It is marked 1981, but it is unknown if it was from storage or if it was in production at that time.

Admiral Dewey Pitcher Reproduced

Shown here (Fig. 1) is the reproduction Admiral Dewey water pitcher first reported in the December 1999 issue of ACRN. The original pitcher (Fig. 2) was issued to commemorate the Spanish American War naval battle of Manila Bay fought May 1, 1898. It was made by the Beatty-Brady Glass Company of Steubenville and Dunkirk, Indiana, ca. 1899-1900.

Crown Tuscan vs. Crown Tuscon

Cambridge Glass Company of Cambridge, Ohio (19021958) made the original Crown Tuscan. It was a pink color ranging from opaque to slightly translucent made from 1932 until the 1950s. The word Tuscan was inspired by Tuscany, a region of Italy.

More L.G. Wright Molds Sold

In April 2000, the Bob Goodman Auction Co. of Hot Springs, Arkansas auctioned the final remaining glass molds from the now out of business L. G. Wright Glass company. These were molds not offered at the May 1999 sale of the Wright factory contents in West Virginia.

Cameo Glass Made to Order for $30 each

Dalian Mornlight Decorating Company of Dalian, China offered their multicolored cameo glass lamps and vases with custom order images or words for as little as $30.00 per piece. The custom work is in addition to a full line of stock cameo glass the firm made with facsimile signatures of original cameo makers such as Galle.

Vaseline Bottoms Up Tumblers

Vaseline is the latest color to be made into new bottoms up tumblers. Original bottoms up tumblers were by McKee Glass Co. Authentic pieces have Pat 77725 in raised lettering between the nudes feet and the tumbler rim. New tumblers do not have the patent number. The new tumblers fluoresce under long wave black light indicating their formula includes uranium. McKee never made any original tumblers in vaseline glass.

More Fire-King Released

Anchor Hocking has brought back clear glass Fire-King measuring cups. Three sizes of new cups are being made: 8 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz. Each cup has the Fire-King logo, Anchor Hockings name and graduated markings in bright red. Retail price $15 for the three-piece set.