Searching for Glass

More Dazey Churns Reproduced

Two more sizes of glass Dazey churns are being reproduced: a Round Label-style in a two-quart size and a Patent Dated-style in an eight-quart size. Both sizes are copies of originals. The new pieces are made in India for an American wholesaler. Reproductions were apparently first offered for sale in November 2003.

New Gallon-sized Jairy jars

One-gallon glass dairy jars resembling pre-1940 originals are now being made in India for an American importer.

New Dolphin-footed Candlesticks

These 9-inch dolphin-footed pressed glass candlesticks have been seen at many shows, malls and online auctions over the last 9-12 months. The three feet at the base are formed by figural dolphins. The candle socket is decorated in an outside swirl.

Wright Molds Bought by Repro Wholesales Now in Production

Pieces made in molds bought by reproduction wholesalers at the liquidation auction of LG Wright Glass in 1999 are now appearing on the internet and other venues. Cabbage compote, American Glass, Fenton, Fostoria, Imperial, Rosso, pickle castor, cherry pattern, crescent planter, Gillinder, Pioneer.

French Maker New Copies of 1920s Glass Shapes and Colors

An unidentified French glass firm has just introduced a line of new glass imitating shapes and colors from the first quarter of the 20th century.

Pitcher Versions of Westmoreland Steins

The so-called Lovers Stein also called Wedding Stein, and the similar Elf stein have been reproduced from the original Westmoreland Glass mold for a number of years. New pieces from the same mold are now being made with tooled spouts and sold as pitchers. No original pitchers in these patterns have ever been found.

Confusing Apothecary Style Bottles and Jars with Dated Labels

A group of confusing new apothecary bottles and jars are on the market. Not only are the new pieces hand finished like old examples, but also carry artificially aged paper labels with simulated pen and ink handwriting and 19th century dates.

Recent Opaque Glass Covered Dishes

Covered glass dishes are a popular collectible. Pieces can be collected by subject (animals, flowers, etc) or by glass type (milk glass, cobalt blue, etc). Because they have such a wide appeal, antique covered glass dishes are frequently reproduced.

Pattern Glass Page

Among the interesting novelty items made by the old Indiana and Goblet Company of Greentown, Indiana 18941903 is the remarkable likeness of a steamer trunk. The lid and base are two separate pieces. Both show excellent mold detail including leather straps with buckles, metal corners and elaborate hinges with plenty of rivet heads.

National magazine mistakes reproduction cut glass for old

In its Holiday 1996 issue, Victorian Homes magazine mistakenly featured a reproduction cut glass bowl and mugs. The pieces appeared three times in a cover story on Victorian holiday punch recipes. Each time it was shown in period Victorian room settings implying it was old.