Searching for Glass

Avoiding New Cut Glass

Fine cut glass has been a mark of elegance and luxury for centuries. Sparkling reflections off brilliant crystal seem to be admired by the public at large, not just those who are interested in antiques. This widespread popularity has made cut glass one of the most popular and longest running sellers of antique reproduction wholesalers and importers.

Peanut Pattern Hand Lamp

This Peanut pattern kerosene lamp has been reproduced for a large American lamp parts supply firm. The pattern was originally made during the mid-1890s through the early years of the 20th century. The new lamps are made in clear as well as cobalt and amber.

Occupational Czech Glass Figurines

New 4 to 6 glass figurines from the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) have been made since the early 1990s. Those pieces were fairly simple and the majority were generic figures of clowns, sailors and musicians.

Additional shapes in new malachite

Three more shapes of new Czech malachite glass have appeared. (Malachite glass is a deep green slagtype opaque glass first made in Czechoslovakia, ca. 1920s). The three pieces shown here are also available in other colors including frosted clear cyrstal.

New Phoenix and Consolidated Glass Sold in Stores and Catelogs

Pilgrim Glass Company began using Phoenix and Consolidated original molds to make new glass in 1994. New pieces were sold in mail order catalogs and retail stores across the country.

Crystal Arcade coffee grinder jars (Arcade No. 3)

The Arcade Manufacturing Company of Freeport, Illinois was an iron foundry in operation from the late 1800s to the Depression. Arcade is probably best known for its extensive line of realistic cast iron toys but made other iron items as well.

Glass Marked Murano from Mexico

Look twice when you see a "Murano" glass label. This 11" crystal bird figure with the controlled air bubbles was made in Mexico, not Italy (Fig. 2). This sample was purchased at an antique show.

New Torchiere Shade with Confusing Pattern

A new glass torchiere shade has a pattern similar to a well known vintage design. Both designs feature an Asian woman posed in an Oriental-styled garden.

A Review of New Jadite

In the late 1990s, antique dealers were happy when Martha Stewart began featuring pre-1960 jadite in her magazine and television shows. Millions of readers and viewers became interested in the pale green opaque kitchen glass and began driving prices of vintage pieces higher.

New Glass for Sellers Cabinets

One of the most popular pieces of kitchen furniture from the turn of the century to the 1940s was the kitchen cabinet, commonly called a Hoosier. One of the better known models was the Sellers Kitchen Cabinet. The Sellers line included a variety of custom glassware made to fit various spaces in the cabinet. Most of this glass is marked Sellers.